Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heads or Tails - Road

Barb over at Skittle's Place has this fun meme. This week's theme is Road.

I could talk all day long about roads! Where I've gone on them, places at the other ends of them, things you do and see along the way, who's in charge of the navigation....roads? It's too hard!!! There's too much!!! BAhhhhh!

Ok, I think I will just focus down onto one aspect of roads. For me, the word road makes me think of when I was young. (I used this photo of Elvis because I don't have any of my dad driving when I was young and also because I used to think my dad looked like him!) In our family, only dad drove. He wouldn't allow my mom to get a license. Anyway, he drove and I always sat behind my mom. This means I could see him from my vantage point. I used to just study his hands while he drove. We always took road trips for our family vacations. And when we were very very young, he would let us sit or stand in his lap and 'drive' the car! I remember it being so cool because I felt so close to the road, I had never seen it from up front before! Of course he kept one hand on the wheel at all times. Of course, thinking back now, it's no wonder any of us made it out of childhood alive! No seat belts or baby seats and we could ride in the open beds of pick up trucks then too!

I remember some of the roads we took to get down to our grandparent's houses. At one point, they were like roller coaster rides! My dad would have this one hill that he would just gun it up and then put it in neutral once we were at the top to see how far we could go! We also had a dune buggy - a green one - and we would hit the back roads and kick up dust and explore. Yes, 'road' evokes many fun memories for me.

The ultimate cliche' in road trips, is the 'Road trip to Vegas'. For those in Nevada's neighboring states, it's an exciting and fun filled road trip. For those of us coming from St. Louis, it's more like a week long road trip of grand proportions! 4 ladies, 1 van, tons of tension and physical fatigue. My life changed after that trip in so many ways. But the road proved to be exciting and offered up scenes only God can paint! I'd love to drive it again...on a much less strenuous time schedule.

Yes, the word road...I could go on and on about it!


Mike said...

My mom never got her drivers license either and she's now 80 years old lol. When I was small my dad always drove too. Skittles and I love road trips and we're itching to go on another if it doesn't get too cold too soon. A good post.

Skittles said...

Absolutely worth waiting for!!!

I remember those days of no seat belts or car seats. We could sleep on the floor in the back seat with the hump for a pillow if we got tired, or climb up in the back window!

Even when my oldest was born he could stand up in the car. That's why all moms of my generation still throw our arm out to keep a kid from falling when we need to stop quickly. It was ingrained in us. :)

I learned to tell left from right by picturing which side the driver would be on if I was in a car.

When my kids were little we lived for a very short time in the country. The road had humps and bumps, too. There was one place where if I was going fast enough everyone's tummies would jump.

Back roads are the best. We love exploring them.. never knowing where we'll end up, but always finding at least one memorable thing.

Andrée said...

You triggered so many memories in me: cars without heaters. Huge seats so when you hit something you flew around the passenger compartment, getting banged all up. You're right: we're lucky we survived!