Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Craft Ideas #1

There's one element of myself that I have not yet presented on this blog. I have intended to start incorporating my crafts! There are many hobbies and crafts that I enjoy. Actually, I considered starting a separate blog just for that purpose. I haven't yet.

Until then, I wanted to be able to share some tips and tricks and ideas with you, especially now before the holidays have squeaked on by us! I personally love getting gifts that people have made. Not because they are necessarily of highest quality and style, but because that person thought enough of me to take the time and effort and put thought and concern into a gift just for me!

I also love giving gifts that I've made. One of the most popular gifts for me to give are photos! It sounds so simple, I know. Everyone is used to seeing me with my camera in hand and throughout the year I am able to sneak some photos of others that come out very nice. I love the reaction I get when that person pulls back the wrapping to unveil a moment they hadn't thought of in a while. A happy moment or perhaps even a sentimental moment captured to live on in a photo. Taking into consideration the decor in which the photo might be displayed, a coordinating frame is all you have to really purchase in order to give a truly thoughtful gift!

I'd like to share with you a great new product for taking this concept of custom photo gifts even a step higher! Software from Frame My Photos can be used to add decorative frames and text directly to the photos! I have this program and find it very easy to navigate! You can adjust the photos inside the frames to optimize the effects, choose from any fonts you already have on your computer and select from many different sizes of each frame. They even have calenders and awards! There are different packs to choose from that offer specific groups of frames but I have the full package and my mind is just fluttering with ideas! After creating a framed photo, you can save it as a .jpg and print it at home or upload it to a website for pick up locally! I can use this program to enhance my photos for scrapbooking and card making as well! I used a similar photo here, to show how the same frame can be adjusted and also you can see how I was able to add the date. I love this program!!!

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tegdirb92 said...

what a great idea and I love that photo!! Where can I get a copy of that? That would make an awesome Christmas card!