Monday, October 15, 2007

70 days left...

until Christmas! Can you believe how fast this year has just flown by??? I remember when I was young, the 'old people' would always say things like: "Every year just goes by faster than the one before." or "The older I get, the faster time flies" Well, I've caught myself saying these things lately! The ironic thing is, they are true! Who'd have guessed, the 'old people' were right!

I've had a lot of memories on my mind lately that I haven't thought about since I was very young. Like, I remember hearing my aunt and uncle making jokes about playing strip poker, which when I think about now is just like, uh, gross! Or like remembering things your mom used to make for dinner that you loved and haven't had in forever!!!!? I heart nostalgia!

Now what to get mom for Christmas this year for all the great memories of yonder years? A pearl necklace perhaps?

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