Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A missed Award!!!

Apparently my friend Alison over at Cherished moments with my 2 Angels gave me a nice "You make me smile" award back in SEPTEMBER and I missed it! So without further adue...Thanks, Alison for the recognition that I can still make someone smile around here!

As you know, I admire your blog and visit often as well! I love hearing all about your work as a teacher and mom and wife and daughter and member of your church! Seriously people, it's good times over there! Go visit her blog and see!

I'd like to pass this award on too, it is nice to do! Thanks again, really, I love making people laugh and enjoy their days! I want them to come back again and again, and you know, you can catch more flies with your mouth open...or no wait, it's honey in your mouth....no wait it's the flies mouth....now I just sound like Tommy Boy!

To those who make me smile:
(Who probably will just laugh in my face, but he does make me smile!)

(Who I just got to trading comments with today and I think her blog is nice!)

(Even though she already has it, I just like to let her know I think she's great!)

(Whom I've forgotten all about because she's not on my blogroll!!! Sorry, gonna change that right now!)

That's all I can think of for now. Thanks again Alison!!! And thanks to all those I chose to pass it on to. You make me smile and that's a good thing!


Alison said...

Don't worry about not getting it up sooner. I think that's the one I passed along to you while you were on your trip, so I can understand how you would miss it! :) You are very deserving!

I'm not sure why the other award is misspelled. I noticed that too, but didn't ask if it was done on purpose. I'm not sure where the award originated to check...

Anna said...

Thanks, Becca! You make me smile, too. I decided to give you an award, too. Come on over to my blog and pick it up. You'll also notice that sometimes I don't get to my awards right away, either.