Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Self Portrait


BeccaGirl said...

I love flying. I really do. Sure, it can be boring, it can be physically fatiguing but it can also be exciting and beautiful and adventurous! I really love flying...the feeling of seeing things from such a vantage point, it's a privilage. Most people think it's their right, but it's not. It's a special thing to be above the clouds, certainly something I can't do for myself.
I love how the land always looks like a patchwork quilt! God's divine design, no less. I love to see everything from so high, at some point it seems unreal or even fake, but it's not. It's great. But I have decided I don't like clouds the way I used to. They are great to look at, but I don't like flying through them! They are choppy, unpredictable turbulent puffs of white knuckle moments for me now.
But I still love flying!!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

It's so fun to look down on the earth from a plane. Everything is so small. I'll add you to my buddy list too. Have a great WW. :)

gwapasila said...

I do enjoy watching the window too in the plane. happy WW

mine is up at

Sophia said...

I love looking down and seeing clouds! I think it's the coolest feeling. happy WW!

Andrée said...

i flew 4 yrs ago. NEVER AGAIN. I was fine, taking photos and keeping myself calm. then suddenly? I realized there was this itty bitty aluminum skin keeping me alive. that was all. nothing else. any little thing (an EYELASH) could penetrate that skin.

that was it. never again.

oh, that huge fall we had in the sky in one of those air pockets helped me decide too.