Friday, October 12, 2007

A busy weekend ahead...

Things are so busy right now! Tonight I have to pick up a cake for the Church Picnic tomorrow, go to church and help set up the dining hall, rush home and complete the craft for tomorrow's class at my mom's church.
Saturday will be packed as well, but it will all be very fun and rewarding. Saturday morning, mom and I will do the 1st two 45 minute classes about ways to display scripture on your walls and you life! I designed the craft which is a simple white frame that you can slip a page into that displays whatever scripture you like. We are offering a variety of 8 colors, and I think there is still 3 of them left to finish!
After the classes, as long as I feel my mom can handle the last class herself, I am heading on over to my church's fall family picnic. It shall be a great time! Pray we have great weather!!!
Sunday, is church in the morning then off to work! For the next 2 days I will be working almost the entire time I'll be awake! Sunday is also my friend's birthday, I hope I remember to call him :)
So lots to do, but it's all good! It's great to have a life with fun things that keep us busy!

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I'll be praying...