Monday, October 08, 2007

Early morning wake up call

I was awakened at around 6:30 this morning (far too early for me) by my mom, sounding almost frantic, telling me that the security monitoring company called and the house alarm was going off. She still owns her house in the city, just a short drive from my house. I was startled awake by this interruptive announcement in my quiet room during my dream, but I managed to acknowledge that she shouldn't go by herself. She said, "I gotta go!" and just like that she was out the door.

Of course, laying there awake, my mind went through several scenarios that could happen to her once she arrived. What if someone was coming out when she was going in? What if, what if?

I actually dozed off, dreamed some crazy dream about the city blowing up (I have strange dreams) and woke up about an hour later. I called her and things were fine. Apparently there was a power outage. These things happen in home security sometimes. The neighbor had come out directly and checked everything out, too. It pays to have an alarm, but in times like these, one would think they would have a better system for letting people know what the issue truly was. It could have cost us a fee from the Police department, if they respond to a false alarm.


Skittles said...

I see the link, so I know this is an ad, but still..

I'm glad she has the service!

You won 4th place in the caption contest and I have given you a prize.

BeccaGirl said...

Thanks, girl, I love to decorate for the seasons! LOL

BeccaGirl said...

BTW, it matters not if it's a paid post, the story is mine and it's true and it actually happened today! Ironic, huh? Besides it's ok to comment on a paid post :-)