Friday, October 19, 2007

Seedless Pumpkin Carving!

My friend sent this to me in an email. I've seen it in years past but I thought I would pass it on in case there are others who like to play it and need a link or have never seen it before! Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can revisit and comment about the pumpkin carver!

(Click picture to go to the carving page.)
I made this one, but I could do it all day! This is great because you don't get your kitchen dirty with slimy seeds and candle wax! LOL Enjoy!!!


Titania Starlight said...

This is really cute. I will have to give it a try. If I do one well enough to post, I will give you kudos. :o)

Marci B. said...

That is SO cool - I definitely have to go try that out. I saw your name at Skittles and figured I would visit. What a great blog! :)