Monday, October 08, 2007

Me too!

I just a conversation with my friend and she was telling me about her poor reading light issue. She said she just doesn't have a good light or any kind of table lamp for reading in her bedroom other than the ceiling fan, which of course is not convenient for other occupants in the room who are trying to sleep.

Well, I've noticed the same issue in my bedroom! I have the ceiling fan light or this tiny night light of sorts on my bedside table. It's a touch light that is a globe and actually has 3 different settings, but even on high, you just strain to see the words. I need some sort of reading light in the bedroom, but one that's stylish....maybe just a clip on book light? Anyone ever use one of these? I would imagine it's better because it puts light right onto the page. But can you even turn the page with it on there?? My birthday is coming up, maybe I'll get a fun one as a gift! *hint* ;-)

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