Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Party Games

So my cousin is planning a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband and she has asked me to be in charge of games. I have a few ideas but am looking for others too.

The first one I have is this 'Ring the bell' game which sounds kind fun, actually. I like games that give more than just 1 person a chance to win something. The idea is: every few minutes, I ring a bell to get everyone's attention. I then say, "I am looking for...(for instance) the person who drove the farthest to get to the party tonight." Then who ever it is, gets a prize! There's a whole list of things I'd be looking for and people have a chance to win stuff as the party goes on.

Another idea I have, which I'm calling 'Caption This', is to take odd photos of the birthday boy and attach each one (maybe 5 altogether) to the top of a sheet of lined paper. The game is for people to create a caption for each one and then he can pick his faves for each one and they will win a small something too!

Do you have any idea for games like this? I'm looking for all age, family appropriate, simple games that don't take alot of time. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! I have until Nov. 2nd to nail it all down and be ready for the party. Thanks!


Alison said...

Those sound like fun! Wish I could help you out with some others, but I've never been creative enough for that...

Can't wait to hear others though so that I might use them when we party when hubby turns 40 in four and a half years! :)

Anna said...

I love your game ideas. Those sound like a lot of fun.

I was thinking maybe you could pass around a piece of paper or a notebook or something, and have everyone write part of a story about the guest of honor. They could leave their last sentence visible to the next person, who would then continue the story. Maybe have them fold the piece of paper, or if you use a notebook, then write the last sentence at the top of the next page. Tell everyone not to read what anyone else has read until the end. I'm not sure how anyone will win any prizes from this, but it could be hilarious.

That's my only idea. I'm not usually very creative.