Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quick Question...

Sometimes I think too much. I begin to think about things that don't seem to add up and I begin to wonder how they went awry or astray in the first place. A good example of this, is life insurance. I know they have the kind of life insurance no medical exam is required on and the kind where a medical exam is required. So, what's the difference in coverage? If there's no difference, why do they even have the kind where an exam is required?

Or how about this: if a stick of gum has say, 10 calories, when do you get the calories? Do they escape into your saliva the moment you put the gum in? Or does it happen over the course of say, the first 5 minutes of chewing? Or is it the combined result of +20 calories for the gum and -10 calories you burn off during the chewing process? If the calories come right away, why don't we use a bit of water and use our hands to work it past that point, then the calories are all gone? Or if the calories come during the first 5 minutes, we could have someone else chew it until it was calorie free!

Ok, so it's not such a quick question. These are thoughts that swim around in my head...nice, huh?

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