Thursday, October 11, 2007

So much on my plate!

Well, I am definitely back in the USA. I am also a sinner. Let's just say that right up front, I know I am so there you go. Sometimes I do things that later I look back on and wish I didn't. That being said, she had it coming! A pompous young lady on her cell phone in a car that displayed prior poor driving skills & mistakes, sharply cut me off today from a turn only lane directly into my lane. Before I could resist, my brow was furled, my palm was down on the horn and my other hand was waving the bird. Hind sight is always 20/20 and maybe the bird was a bit over the top, but she definitely had something coming. Rude!!! Maybe she was on her way to drug treatment, in which case I would have happily let her by! She certainly wasn't in her right mind to ignore all those ginormous white arrows painted on the ground in front of her car... It's good to be back, I can smell that familiar scent of road rage creeping back in!

So this is some of what I have going on right now:
*Tonight, getting all the crafts finished up for the class my mom and I are doing at her church for 'Bringing Christ's words to your living space'. There will be 3 classes on Sat. I am hoping only to have to help on the first 2 classes. Because...
*Friday night, set up for Valley View Baptist Church's Fall Family Picnic on Sat. It shall be a rip roaring good time. There will be much food, much fun for the kiddos with a bounce house and other stuff. There's going to be an old fashion pie eating contest and a pumpkin seed spitting contest too! I just ordered a cake, so things will be fun there, I hope to get to go for a while or the rest of the day after the classes are finished.
*Church on Sunday morning and then straight to work, there's a major deadline looming, you know.
*Sunday is also my friend Patrick's birthday.
*My craft class is starting back up on Tues. My student took a couple of summer months off, I am missing her so much, I have more fun than she does, I think!!
*Wednesday is church again.
*Sat. the 20th I have plans to go to the pumpkin patch with Jen & the kids and whoever else will be going. Also that same afternoon, we are celebrating her son Ethan's 1st birthday party at a pavilion in the park. That will be fun, I hope it's not too cool, fall happened yesterday.
*Sunday the 21st, I'm watching the kids so they can go out for a 'Between their birthdays' date. His is the 14th and hers is the 31st.

So as you can see, I have a lot going on. My cousin Misty is throwing that birthday party for her husband and I am trying to help her, so I have all that going on in the back ground too. Life is busy, but life is good. I dislike being bored and at least all these things are happy, fun occasions!
Keep me in your prayers!!

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tegdirb92 said...

what a great introduction!! I had to laugh because I had to use drug treatment also in one of my posts and I had a really hard time with it--you did awesomely!