Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birthday gifts

This month was a big birthday month for me. I had 3 adult birthdays and 1 child's birthday to plan for. Some people are easier to buy for than others. It also depends on how much time I spend with each person too. I find it more difficult to shop for guys than the gals. I've been known to give things I like to the person, if I'm not sure what to get, in the hopes that they will like it too. That plan has worked out well too. Sometimes, I keep notes all year long from different conversations that come up or different situations that result in a pretty good gift list. Depending on the conversation, I'd give someone a cordless phone battery if they were in need of a new one or some other useful item they need. Some things get put on that "I'll get one as soon as I get extra money" list and who knows when that will be! You'd be surprised how happy that kind of gift will make someone! You should keep a list of things people like from conversations, too!

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