Monday, August 27, 2007

Beating the system

I got a new PDA cell phone here while back, and the only thing I noticed it couldn't do was take pictures. I chose this particular one because I knew I needed to get on board and update my technology. Get organized. And hey, let's face it, it was in my price range. At the time, I didn't really care that it didn't take photos, I didn't think it would be a bid deal. Boy was I wrong.

I've had a camera phone for so long before this, I really miss being able to change the wallpaper to my kitties or whatever fun place I'd recently visited. Who doesn't get tired of looking at the same ol' thing day in and day out? I know what I'm missing! I had a free month of internet at first and I went online and just downloaded a couple of wallpapers so I could have something other than the default screen to look at. That was fine at the time but I only had like 3 to choose from because you still had to pay for the right to download it.

My phone uses a mini disc for memory storage. My new camera takes an SD type. Well, guess what I just found? The mini disc adapter that came with the mini disc!!! Yay! So I conducted an experiment and hoped for the best. I took the mini disc out of my phone, put it inside the adapter, put them in my camera, snapped off a few shots of my furry babies and then put the mini disc back into my phone and it worked!!! I'd never thought of trying this before but I'm glad I found that adapter. I did it again and this time, I took a few more shots. It's really hard to get 2 cats to do something interesting when they are close to each other. Well for my 2 it is anyway. Here's the best shot of them together, it's currently the wallpaper on my phone ;-)

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