Monday, August 06, 2007

You know I love a good contest

Geeky Speaky Giveaway for August from Colleen

This is great, Colleen is offering up 2 prizes for the month of August, it's pretty simple to enter and win. If you leave a comment (a real one) about why you'd want to win the prize, you get 1 entry. If you blog about why you'd like to win the contest and link over to it, so other people can also enter to win, you get 10 entries!!!

I'm actually interested in winning the Wedding Singer DVD, which is being presented as the "booby prize" LOL But I'm sure I can find a use for the grand prize-a Western Digital 80GB Portable Hard Drive. I have a lot of pictures that I need to back up to something! Shamefully enough, I don't have em' backed up at all other than on my computer (ut oh) If not, I'd gladly pass it along to a friend of mine who is a budding DJ and could use it for his new found Thursday night hobby. He has also entered the contest and claims to be able to take his 'show' on the road if he wins this, but frankly, I'm not sure where he thinks he'd go with it! LOL

The contest runs until August 21st so head on over to Geeky Speaky and see for yourself if you'd like to join the contest...I'd say 'Good luck' but 1, I don't believe in luck & 2, I want to win so why would I say something like that? ;-)

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