Friday, August 31, 2007

Incompetent vs. Incontinence

How many phone calls, how many days high is my level of frustration with my new credit card company? THROUGH THE ROOF!

I got a new credit card (as some of you know) to use as back up funding for my upcoming trip. After some investigating, I discovered that one of my other cards has a better rate for purchases and this new card offers 0% through Aug. 2008 for balance transfers! Hello!

So I decided to transfer a large sum of the old card to the new card in order to utilize the best of what both cards offer! Then after you receive the card itself, they send out a 'welcome package'. You have to receive the welcome package to initiate the balance transfer. I never received the welcome package. I called them back after a few weeks, and they said they would send out another one. I never received that one either! Now it's getting too close to have the balance transferred before I leave! I honestly feel like sending them a huge package of adult diapers! If they can't even mail out a package that is their own standard procedure! And I know they have the right address, or I wouldn't have received the card in the first place! Sheesk!

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Alice Teh said...

I really hope your problem will be solved before your trip... Your plan to do the balance transfer is a smart one. I just hope the credit card company buck up and do what they're supposed to do. Good luck!