Monday, August 27, 2007

You're Invited!

Well, it started out as a book party and has now turned into a real party with guests and eats and all that! My friend Jen has just started selling At Home America and I wanted to do a party for her. She even graciously offered to have the show at her house, since I just don't have time to prepare my house and also, most of my people are towards that neck of the woods anyway!

Like many people, I had never heard of At Home America (or AHA) before, but they are 25 years old! There aren't very many distributors in our area that I know of, so it's very likely to be new to many people.

I personally describe their merchandise to be a mix of Pampered Chef, Home Interiors, PartyLite and Home Made Gourmet type items because they have bakeware, dinnerware, jar candes, tee lights, difusers, wax melts and warmers, wreaths, sit arounds, plaques, lots of wrought iron items and even cast iron items, clocks, hooks, shelves, vases, lamps, serving bowls, mixing bowls, full on furniture, serving caddys, throw blankets, painted wooden words of all kinds, rugs, mirrors, magazine racks, photo frames, sconces, phones, radios, an old style turntable, drinkware, coasters, towels, soap dispenser, runners, a vintage fan, decorative pillows, stemware, dip mixes, beer bread mixes (but you can use any carbonated beverage), serving platters, an over the sink rack and much more! That's just in the everyday catalog!

Right now they have a fall and holiday catalog too that has wonderful fall and thanksgiving must-haves as well as Christmas and winter decorations and serving accoutrement. They have like 700 items too take in and you can check out the catalogs online and let me know what you like if you can't come to the party. I will make sure you get it :)

I sent out 42 invitations, of course only about 20% will show up...but hopefully more can come. The party is set for Sat. September 8th, 2007 at 4:01 pm. If you live in the greater St. Louis Area and would like to come, by all means, shoot me a comment and let me know, I'll give you all the information! If you bring a friend, you will earn extra 'Auction Bucks' which can be used to win a special prize :-)

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