Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm worried about my pictures...

and I haven't even taken them yet! I guess more specifically, I'm worried about the photos of me on my vacation. Maybe I should explain. You see, I have really long hair. It's mostly all one length (although I am going for a haircut before I leave, but more on that later) and frankly there's a fine line most days between hair that gets a second look and hair that makes you want to turn your head the other way!

Usually, to get hair that looks on the 'good' side, I have to do at least some fixing to it that certainly requires a hair dryer at the very minimum! I can kick it up a notch by adding some style with a curling or flattening iron....but the friend I'll be visiting doesn't have ANY such girly power tools for me to use, and mine won't work with the European electrical currents and outlets! So I'm afraid I will be experiencing a perpetual 'bad hair day' in all my photos throughout my entire vacation! Ugh.... Ok, note to friends & family who are reading this: A good birthday or christmas gift idea is that Photoshop program for my computer so I can jazz up my photos when I get back home! LOL

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