Friday, August 31, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

A friend of mine from the bible study, recently confided in me that she was having some issues with paying back some cash advance loans. She said that she didn't have any issues with credit cards, like most people (myself included in times past), but couldn't seem to get out from under this problem.

This is one aspect I haven't talked about here when I've addressed how to fix money issues. I apologize, it's just that I don't use those kinds of loans and hadn't thought of it.

My suggestion would be, get 1 loan or 1 new credit card with a balance big enough to pay off all those cash advance loans. That way, you have one payment per month which will sometimes even be less than all the other payments you are making to those loans. Also, it provides the light at the end of the tunnel and STOPS the cycle of continuing payments! Then, once that loan is paid off, or that credit card is paid off, close the account!

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