Thursday, August 09, 2007

My newest CD

I bought this over the weekend and have been listening to it pretty much everyday at work. I like to submerse myself in a new CD so I can get a good sense of it and learn it quickly, if I like it.

Avril Lavigne's 'The best damn thing' is loaded with 12 new tracks. The songs are reminiscent of her previous songs which I also liked very much. I think with the exception of one song, this CD is really great! She has a certain style, it's young, punky, saucy, and sometimes it's sentimental. The popular song 'Girlfriend' is the first song to play once it's started and it sorta sets the stage for the fast pace of many of the songs. I think alot of fans will like what she's done here. I was personally glad to see it has kept to her style without going in new directions. If you like her first CD as much as me, you will enjoy this one too. Which is like seeing a sequel to a really great movie!

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