Friday, August 24, 2007

Welcome to PayU2Blog!

I'm in! This is great, I've been hearing really great things about this up and coming site. The forums over at Geeky Speaky are full of helpful tips and shiny happy bloggers making money and even getting free products to review! Check out this new banner I chose:

Get Paid Money to Blog

I put one over in my sidebar to attract all you bloggers who haven't yet looked into making money with your blogs. I've been a member of PayPerPost for a few months now and have done really well. But I honestly think PayU2Blog will be even better because they have some very simple guidelines:
  • Posts have to be only 60 words (or more, of course)
  • Posts can be of any content as long as you include the text link assigned (aka freeform)
  • You can post 1 assignment per post
  • You can post back to back paid posts
  • No disclosure required
  • You get paid every two weeks
  • $5 per assignment
  • Assignments are dropped every Friday
  • There's no limit to the number of assignments you can complete in a week, up to how many they actually give you, of course
  • What are you waiting for? This is only some of the great bennies!
Come on down, you can too earn some nice dough!
Come on, click the cat, you know you want to!


Jessica said...

Congrats on getting accepted! They told me to try next month when my site is a bit older.

BeccaGirl said...

Hey Jessica, I clicked on your link there, and couldn't find your blog, I hope you come back by and leave me a link! Just keep trying, I think this was my 3rd attempt to get accepted, and I had to get really creative about it...hey, at least they gave you a reason and a suggestion! I never got any response from them until this last time :)

BeccaGirl said...

I found it, but I couldn't comment because I forgot my username and password for that system. You have a pretty good looking blog there, Jessica. It's colorful...maybe could be a little wider, but fun overall! Bless your heart, what's the deal with the hairy legs?

Jessica said...

LOL, thanks. I was told that if I shaved and didn't keep up with it, it'd get messy, so I'd rather have it the way it is now (at least it won't grow that much). Besides, I wear pants most of the time. :P.

It's remotely hosted WordPress, so you would be signing up just for my blog. I have a MacBook Pro that's a widescreen so I tried to make it viewable on regular computers as last time I made a layout it was too big for my client's screen resolution.

Your blog is very nice aswell. I have it bookmarked.

BeccaGirl said...

I hear ya, my mom always told me if I shaved too much, it would grow in full and thick and black. So I didn't do it very often, maybe I'm just blessed with thin hair, I still don't have to do it very often. But even me, it has to be done sometimes LOL I know a lady who never shaves either, she doesn't wear shorts often, but I'd live in shorts, so I have to do it! LOL Thanks for bookmarking me ;-)