Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday's Feast #154

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how polite are you?
Some days - a 9, some days - more like a 3. I'm working on it....

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
My boss's phone started ringing. His ringtone is the theme song for 'Rocky' - all of them! When it starts ringing, he yells out, "Adriaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!" before answering it. LOL

Who is your favorite cartoon character?
What kind of question is this? Who can just pick one??? Woody Woodpecker, the Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, Chilly Willy, Bugs Bunny, Speed Racer, Masters of the Universe, the Transformers....the list goes on and on! I guess my most favorites were Tom and Jerry, they got along about as well as my brother and I did!

Main Course:
Tell about the funniest teacher you ever had.
I don't know about funny per se, but Mr. Covington had a fun class. We never had to ask to use the restroom, he didn't want to be bothered. So he hung the wooden hall pass on a nail and if it was there, you could take it and go without asking. So we did. Also, he was the 7th and 8th grade Young Readers and Writers accelerated class teacher and so if you found a word on his chalkboard or any handouts that was misspelled, he would promptly pay you a quarter. That really made us read everything over and over LOL I remember how he could never remember any of the administrator's names and would say, "Take this down to Mr. Man (or Mrs. Lady)..." and we were supposed to just know who he was talking about. :)

Complete this sentence: I strongly believe that ______________________.
I strongly believe that you can live a debt free life, if you begin asap to change your spending and saving habbits. I'm gonna nail that down as soon as I'm back from my trip! I'll show you!!


The Gal Herself said...

Your dessert is very wise. I wish I'd been more careful with money, and credit, when I just starting out. (I wish I'd flossed more diligently, too!)

Laane said...

I agree with your desert.
Even with 6 children we're not in debt.
We are not rich either.

Have a great weekend!

Alice Teh said...

I love the list of cartoons you've mentioned. Your Dessert is fantastic! Thanks for the great feast and have a great weekend!

Skittles said...

The Rocky theme always gives me goosebumps. :)

Tina K said...

Your teacher reminds me of our high school English teacher, Mr. Brush. He was five years past retirement when I had him and didn't retire til 3 years after I graduated.

He was classic cool. He cared that you learned. I always thought he was great, but my senior year, I didn't give a crap about grades cause I only needed a half credit to graduate.

Second semester, I didn't turn in one lick of work. A month or so in, he called me up to his desk. I thought I was going to get reamed, because he knew I liked to read and write.

Instead, he asked to questions, 1 "do you need this class to graduate?" - No, I had tons of extra English credits. 2 "Are you reading the books" - and I was, because I read everything anyway. I love that he respected me enough to understand that I had other things going on, and also that he cared that I got exposed to those books.

Sorry about the ramble... See ya 'round

Alison said...

Great feast - your soup cracked me up! Very smart dessert - let me know how that goes!

BTW I tagged you for the middle name meme. Visit my blog if you are interested. Have a great night!

Comedy + said...

Sorry I missed you Friday. I was already gone to the boat by the time you posted this. Great feast. :)