Thursday, August 16, 2007

Epic - Week 1

Tuesday night marked the beginning of my new bible study called Epic by John Eldredge. As always with the first week, you have an introduction from the teacher as to how she will run the class, what is expected from us and any special issues will be addressed this night.

Things are always hectic for me the first nights because I am mom's helper (my mom is the teacher in case you missed the first post about this). It's my job to make sure each person signs in, gets their name tag with sticker, take payment for the books and hand out the books, study guides and folders. It's a lot, and inevitably a traffic jam ensues. But I just keep at it and before I know it it's done.

We watched a short DVD of the prologue to the study. John Eldredge himself is giving his prologue to a large study group. The stage behind him was full of props, as if he were backstage on a movie set. I kept thinking, "How fitting! I always thought life was like a movie." Each week will have a DVD like this to move us through the study. I like this kind of study, I also like the one's with CDs too but I like DVDs more. It's easier to listen when you have something to look at! LOL

We had 20 women in class Tuesday, including mom. There were about 8 women who didn't show up. We'll see if they will come next week or decided to take the class on Thursdays instead.
Anyway, Epic is a study about 'The story God is telling'. So often, we will react so differently once we have the full story. We all have a story. The years of our lives are like chapters. We are also part of a bigger story. This study will help us explore our story, to actually begin to record our story.

I am so excited, the more I hear about this study, the more enthused I get! I have always felt like there is a story just waiting to be told lurking inside me. I'm hoping it will be as Epic as I think it might be. I'll post again after I've done this week's homework and you can take this journey with me!

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Alice Teh said...

I have this in my TBR too! I hope to start on it very soon. I don't want to just read it, but also to take a real good look and study.

God bless you!