Saturday, August 25, 2007

Did I mention this?

On my last Friday night in England we are going to a medieval castle feast and then spending the night in the castle!!!! Note: I will be in my own it? Ok, now read on...

Ruthin castle is called 'The Red Fort' and is located in Northern Wales in Ruthin in Denbigshire. I just did a search for it to add a photo and you will not believe the site I just found it on a haunted hotel website!

Oh, Lordy....what have I gotten myself into? According to this website, the 'Grey Lady' is a regular visitor! I don't want to meet her in the hallway by myself... And it's not cheap either...all the reservations for dinner and hotel stay were made already through my friend and her husband that I will be traveling with, so I'm not sure of the final pricing, but my friend said it's comparable to a Bed and Breakfast in that area. I checked online and it looks like it could be upwards of $250! For just me! Oh boy.... I'd better work as many overtime hours as possible! Back to work for me!!!

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Laane said...

Oh my dear!
But the grey lady is just apearing and disappearing, does she? Or is she a hunting ghost?

Better pul the sheet high over your head. LOL!