Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hairspray: A movie review

I went to see this movie on Sunday with my mom. We got there after the previews had already begun, so we didn't get our first choice for seating. We ended up sitting 1 row from the front off to the right side.

That being said, I did have an idea for what the movie would be about before I went in, because I had seen the Oprah episode a while back, featuring some of the main characters. I don't think my mom knew about it though. It was nice to see so many recognizable faces! I didn't realize there would be so many big names. I think that the brand new actress, Nikki Blonsky did a really great job. In a way, she reminds me of myself. I think everyone likes to think they could be an actress, if only given the chance (any talent agents, please contact me straight away!).

Over all, I thought this movie was pretty good. It was very predictable at times (and I've never seen the original either, from 1988 with Ricki Lake.) My mom made a comment towards the end of the movie, that they were wearing her out with all that dancing! It seems that once it got started, it didn't stop. I actually didn't care for John Travolta playing the mom in this movie. I mean, I get it, it was funny, but he does NOT make a good woman actress. He did nail the Baltimore accent in his voice though. I think I kept getting turned off by his manly hands and arms. Anyway, it didn't work well for me. I did really love Queen Latifa in this movie. She always has a great presence. Also, Christopher Walken was great as well. There's a scene with a whoopy cushion bed, that about made me pee my pants!!! Had I been at home, I would definitely have rewound it! Michelle Pfeiffer is one of my favorites from all times, so of course I think she did a good job. The movie delivered high energy, lots of fun songs that could easily get stuck in your head, and all in all a great story of determination. I would recommend it.

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